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Ross K. Brown

Board Member

What are some highlights from your Professional Career?

Without question, the ability to network within the financial services industry has allowed me to create long lasting business and personal relationships that have become invaluable. In addition, the ability to consult and help so many companies create retirement programs for their employees so they could begin planning for a dignified retirement.

Why are you on the Board of an organization that focuses on social impact entrepreneurship?

As an avid investor in both the public and private markets, I have come to believe that a balance is needed between maximizing profits and calculating the cost of doing so. The greatest rate of return we can realize is by investing in people and our environment.

How has travel impacted the way in which you see the world?

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to travel and experience amazing countries and cities. In doing so, it has also enabled me to reflect on the differences in how others live, whether economically, culturally or politically.

  • Favorite book - Anything wine related as I have always found wine to be one of nature's greatest treat’s to enjoy. From the viticulture to vinification to regions and varietals there is a surprise in every bottle. However, when the vintage is gone it is gone forever so always enjoy with friends and loved ones

  • Favorite movie - Wall Street - as it was my first introduction into the world of investing and how there are no shortcuts to success.

Favorite band or music artist?

Rush was introduced to me at an early and impressionable age. As non-mainstream musicians, their search for perfection, incredible live concert performances and songs with brilliant lyrics created a unique bond with me.

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