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Jessica Hodkinson

Board Member

What are some highlights from your Professional Career?

I have been very fortunate in my career and even when there were challenges, I was really lucky to have great mentorship and coaches. As a very junior lawyer, I was given the opportunity to work on a pro bono death penalty case in Alabama.  This was by far the most meaningful and developmental work I ever had- both personally and professionally. Another great highlight came when I moved from being an outside lawyer, to an in-house lawyer.  It was unexpected and changed the entire trajectory of my career. Finally, now, as the General Counsel of a large multinational corporation,  I have the amazing opportunity to lead a fantastic team and work on diverse businesses and legal issues every day. I feel very lucky for these opportunities.

Why are you on the Board of an organization that focuses on social impact entrepreneurship?

None of the successes and opportunities above, could have happened without great mentorship.  Social impact entrepreneurship is a great way to move this world and by combining my passion for social justice and mentorship and leadership, it is a great fit.

How have you handled failures or setbacks in your career?

Setbacks are inevitable.   Challenges will happen.   Instead of focusing on the failures or setbacks, I look at them as opportunities.

Favorite Sports Team?

NY Yankees, of course!  Watching the Yankees play with my husband and kids is one of my favorite activities.

Favorite Animal?

French Bulldogs (my little guy Rocky is the best!)

Favorite Day of the Week?

I love Saturdays.  It is usually the one day of the week where I can have some real “me” time as well as “family” time.

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