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Anjali Ramasunder

Board Member

What are some highlights from your Professional Career?

I’ve had the good fortune to have more than one professional career. I am a “multi-hyphenate” and am now able to mix and match skills from my different professions to create meaningful content and experiences. The highlight of my career hasn’t been one specific opportunity or moment. It has been the brilliant, creative and compassionate network of colleagues and collaborators that I have collected at each stop!

Why are you on the Board of an organization that focuses on social impact entrepreneurship?
The answer is simple. Social impact entrepreneurship is the path forward. Commerce is necessary. We need to build businesses and train business leaders to grow companies thoughtfully. Businesses can and should function sustainably, consciously and humanely.

Did you participate in any programs outside of college that made an impact on you?
I worked as a volunteer on behalf of several performing and fine arts organizations. The lack of diversity and representation in art and media is a tremendous problem. I dedicated a lot of my young adult life to participating in the growth of programming that created pathways to inclusivity for young underrepresented artists across all genres.

Favorite age?

27. I was young enough to function on very little sleep. I was mature enough to understand that I should sleep anyway. It was the perfect age!

Favorite snack or dessert?

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Hands down, the best dessert ever!

Favorite animal?

Dogs. Puppers. Doggos. Pupperinos. Floofers.

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