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Andrew Davis

Board Member

What are some highlights from your Professional Career?

I guess my professional career actually includes three careers over four decades: consumer marketing, philanthropy, and snow sports.  Is there a fourth...TBD?

My tenure in consumer marketing was the longest phase of my professional career lasting 28 years and provided me the opportunity to influence the consumer perception and growth of numerous household names: Folgers Coffee, Centrum Vitamins, Chapstick, Robitussin, Today Sponge Contraceptive, Preparation H and many more.  Super fortunate to have been given the opportunity to guide the development and market launch of Advil in 1984 and build it over the subsequent years to a billion dollar global franchise.

After my first “retirement” in 2008 I entered the not for profit world, founding and endowing the Music Empowers Foundation in honor of my late wife Carol who had a compelling belief that education in all subjects must be easily accessible to all children.  The Music Empowers Foundation awarded nearly  $1 million in grants and helped bring music education to hundreds of thousands of children across the country during the 6 years it existed.

55 years of being a fanatical skier brought me to my third career at 60.  For the last 5 years I have had the wonderful privilege of introducing the sport of skiing SXSW sex CD   to new comers and guiding the skill development of those already hooked.  Meeting a host of interesting new people, teaching what I love and doing both in one of the world’s most beautiful settings is truly a blessing.

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