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Zachariah & Mary Ben

Founders & Owners,
Bidii Baby Foods

Zachariah Ben (Navajo) is a traditional farmer and sandpainter in Shiprock, Navajo Nation. He is of “The Giant People” clan, born for “The Red Running into Water” clan. His maternal grandfather’s clan is “The Red House People,” and  paternal grandfather’s clan is “The Salt People.” Zach has over 10 years of experience in traditional farming and is the Founder and Owner of Bidii Baby Foods, LLC, a Navajo-registered business that sells a product line of organic indigenous baby foods.

Mary Ben (Hungarian/American) holds a Masters in Public Health and is currently a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University. Mary has over 10 years of experience working in maternal and child health, and supports Bidii Baby Foods in the development and implementation of community based initiatives.

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