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Remi Cohen

Domaine Carneros

On the first day of the 2020 harvest, Remi Cohen joined Domaine Carneros as CEO, bringing with her a diverse, twenty-year track record of experience in all facets of the fine wine business, from vineyard management and winemaking to sales, marketing, and brand development. Continuing Domaine Carneros’ tradition of visionary female leadership, Cohen was the ideal candidate to inherit the reins from illustrious founding winemaker and former CEO, Eileen Crane.

The new role brings Cohen’s career full circle, for it’s in Carneros where it all began. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, Cohen enrolled in the University of California, Davis’ master's program in viticulture. That experience parlayed into her first harvest job at Saintsbury in 2001 and then continued her tour de Carneros at Bouchaine Vineyards, where she was the vineyard manager for four years, and then the director of vineyard operations for Merryvale and Starmont. During this time, she also completed her MBA in Finance from Golden State University and began to expand her experience in viticulture and winemaking to the sales and marketing side of the wine business, eventually being promoted to the role as Vice President at Merryvale.

An opportunity to be the director of winemaking and vineyards at Cliff Lede Vineyards led Cohen to her first and only departure from Carneros after spending a decade fully immersing herself in the region. It was at Cliff Lede that she not only honed her winemaking craft, but then moved fully to the business side of the industry as VP of Operations and later, COO. This nearly ten-year stint at Cliff Lede was the final piece to Cohen’s journey that prepared her for a return to her Carneros roots as the CEO of Domaine Carneros, which she calls her “dream job.” A big part of Cohen’s vision for the future of Domaine Carneros is to build upon the winery’s already rigorous sustainability and employee engagement programs.

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