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Priya Sudarsanam

Stillpoint Healing & Coaching

I am a speech and language pathologist and have spent the last 20+ years helping children and adults to find their voice. After a head injury in 2019, I was woken up to the life I was living and I was forced into looking at all the different areas of my life. Stillpoint quantum healing and coaching is the result of the soul searching and continuous learning journey I am on. My mission is to empower people by listening to the wisdom that lies within themselves so that they can create and step into the life of their dreams.

Relevant Certifications:

Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner, Soulbeat

Reiki II practitioner–Reiki Arts Continuum, NYC

Craniosacral practitioner-Upledger Insitute

Pause Breathwork, Breathwork Student

Akashic Records Mastery, Architects of Destiny

Life Changing Energy, Certified Sound Healer Level I

Mayan Activation Certification Intuitive Healing Level I


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