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Priya Sudarsanam

Stillpoint Healing & Coaching

As a trauma informed breathwork and sound healing facilitator, somatic coach, quantum healing practitioner and speech and language pathologist, I have been aware of the potential that exists within all of us but more often than not, stays unexpressed.  I have also been able to witness the effect of tapping into the wisdom of our own body to bring these gifts out.  In my 20+ years of searching, learning, and doing my own inner work, I began to notice I was not living a life authentic to me and it was through a head injury that I was forced to look at all the different areas of my life.  These past three years of deep inner work have led me to understand that all of us can have abundance in all areas of our lives.  When we allow ourselves to fully embrace present moment awareness, there is limitless and infinite potential to a life beyond our dreams.

I have witnessed numerous clients break free from patterns, both conscious and unconscious, break ancestral patterns, heal traumas and core inner child wounds.  From this place, they have been able to return home, into a place of full body presence and awareness and start living from their soul aligned self.  These transformations have rippled out beyond the individual and helped to heal others.  If you feel that there is just something that you want to shift in your life, but you just don’t know what that is, I invite you to trust that inner voice and know that is your true self waiting to be revealed to the world.

Relevant Certifications:

Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner, Soulbeat

Reiki II practitioner–Reiki Arts Continuum, NYC

Craniosacral practitioner-Upledger Insitute

Pause Breathwork, Breathwork Student

Akashic Records Mastery, Architects of Destiny

Life Changing Energy, Certified Sound Healer Level I

Mayan Activation Certification Intuitive Healing Level I


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