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Jacob Marshall

Partner, Interdisciplinary Artist - Quantum Spin Studios / Applied Wonder

Jacob Marshall is Brooklyn based interdisciplinary creative leader whose focus is on immersive multisensory experiences for mental health and flourishing.

Jacob created the acclaimed rock band MAE (Multisensory Aesthetic Experience) inspired by his funded research in Synesthesia. He has sold over 500,000 records worldwide and performed over 1600 concerts on 5 continents.

He worked to help launch the Global Citizen Festival which has now raised over $40 billion in new commitments to fund the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2022, Jacob joined the narrative media firm, Quantum Spin Studios, as a Partner and is Co-Founding and launching Applied Wonder to bring immersive healing experiences into the enterprise and education sectors.

Jacob serves as a longtime member of the advisory board for Future of Story Telling (FoST) where he helped to launch and serve as board member of the social impact initiative "FoST for Good" in partnership with HP and Facebook. He also served for 5 years as the Cultural Curator for the Wedgwood Circle Institute, and as an an ongoing artist mentor at the New Museum's Art + Tech incubator NEWINC. He is an advisor to J Balvin’s mental health platform Oye, to Pharrell’s web3 music platform, and the Experience Design Certificate Program by Odyssey Works. He is also an advisory board member to TED Audacious Prize winner Project CETI with Dr David Gruber, which is attempting the first comprehensive inter-species communication using advanced AI to translate whale songs into human language. Jacob is also a professor at the College of Extraordinary Experiences in Poland.

He has spoken, performed or led workshops at the United Nations General Assembly 2017, Cannes Lions, multiple Forbes Under 30 Summits, multiple Future of Storytelling Summits & Festivals, New Museum’s NEWINC, Yale University, Nexus Global Youth Summit, Mount Sinai Hospital, College of Extraordinary Experiences, and many more.

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