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Haitham Al-Beik

Founder & CEO,
Letsbutterfly, Inc.

Haitham Al-Beik is the CEO and Founder of Wings, an emerging R&D lab dedicated to leaping forward the services industry with sustainable technologies that are transparent and accessible to all in the dedication to enhance human life. Al-Beik is an award-winning technologist and inventor with a people-first mentality, leading a seasoned team of innovators developing next-generation sustainable autonomous businesses.

Al-Beik uncovered his deep passion for computer science, robotics, and AI early on as a teenager while living with his family in the UAE. He has since leveraged his creativity, talent, and tenacious determination to pursue the dream and mission to make a meaningful impact on society via emerging technologies by putting people first.

Al-Beik came to the U.S., earned a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering with distinction in 2005 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a first-place thesis custom-build autonomous Mars rover, and gained hands-on experience as hardware, software, UI, and sales engineer at various fast-growing companies, including more than three startups in his career.

Today, Al-Beik and his team at Wings focused on producing autonomous systems designed with proprietary, purpose-built robotics (HiveRobotics) and intuitive end-to-end experiences without human intervention.

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