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Christian Elam

General Partner,
Bachmanity Capital

I began developing my skills for technology after being the youngest person to attend an exclusive worldwide technology camp at Stanford at the age of 10. I taught myself how to code when I was 12, launched my first app to the App Store when I was 14, and later launched two other apps the following year, one of which reached the Top Charts within eight hours. I've since cofounded several startups, gaining a lot of first hand experience on being a founder. I graduated from the COBE program at UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business, as well as the Business Strategy program at Cornell. While I was in high school, I taught myself how to day trade which really opened my eyes to investing and the possibility of a life I want to achieve. It made sense for me to then transition into Venture Capital since I have this experience being a software developer, a founder, and investor. I love helping founders achieve their vision and dream of a better humanity with innovation, and giving them the resources (physical & human capital) to do so!

My personal hobbies are spending time with my family, working out, being in the outdoors, archery, martial arts, and traveling the world.

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